PDTCM Psoriasis Database of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbs List

Index Herb ID Chinese Name English Name
1H00001阿胶Donkey-hide Glue
2H00002阿魏Resina ferulae
3H00003矮脚苦蒿Herb of Blin Conyza
4H00004矮茎冷水花Herb of Pilea peploides
5H00005矮人陀Herb of Gynura pseudo-china
6H00006艾麻草Herb of Laportea sinensis
7H00007艾叶Folium Artemisiae argyi
8H00008桉叶Leaf of Tasmanian Bluegum
9H00009八角枫根Chinese Alangium Root
10H00010八角莲Common Dysosmatis Rhizome and Root
11H00011巴旦杏仁Sweet Almond
12H00012巴豆Fructus crotonis
13H00013巴戟天Radix Morindae officinalis
14H00014芭蕉头Herb of Musa basjoo
15H00015菝葜Chinaroot Greenbier Rhizome
16H00016白背叶Leaf of Whitebackleaf Mallotus
17H00017白扁豆Semen Lablab album
18H00018白丁香Herb of Passer montanus
20H00020白独活Herb of Heracleum candicans
22H00022白饭树Herb of Fluggea microcarpa
23H00023白附子Rhizoma typhonii
24H00024白骨走马Chinese Trichilia
25H00025白鬼笔Herb of Phallus impudicus

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