PDTCM Psoriasis Database of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicinal plants/animals List

Index Medicinal plants/animals ID Chinese Name Latin Name
1S00001三羽新月蕨Abacopteris triphylla
2S00002长毛黄葵Abelmoschus crinitus
3S00003臭冷杉Abies nehrolepis
4S00004臭冷杉Abies sibirica var. nephrolepis
5S00005广东相思子Abrus cantoniensis
6S00006广东相思子Abrus fruticulosus
7S00007相思子Abrus precatorius
8S00008大籽蒿Absinthium sieuersiana
9S00009磨盘草Abutilon indicum
10S00010儿茶Acacia catechu
11S00011金合欢Acacia farnesiana
12S00012铁苋菜及短穗铁苋菜Acalypha australis
13S00013铁苋菜及短穗铁苋菜Acalypha brachystachya
14S00014长松藻Acanthocodium fragile
15S00015红毛五加Acanthopanax giraldii
16S00016红毛五加Acanthopanax giraldii var. inermis
17S00017细柱五加Acanthopanax gracilistylus
18S00018藤五加Acanthopanax leucorrhizrs
19S00019糙叶藤五加Acanthopanax leucorrhizus var. fulvescens
20S00020刺五加Acanthopanax senticosus
21S00021无梗五加Acanthopanax sessiliflorus
22S00022白簕Acanthopanax trifoliatus
23S00023毛花槭Acer erianthum
24S00024色木槭Acer mono
25S00025鸡爪槭Acer palmatum

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